Breaking News - Facebook Ads Manager Now Available On Mobile Devices

By Ayub Farooq

For all of your advertisers on the go, you'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has just rolled out an ads manager for mobile devices. This is going to change a lot in the industry. At first you might not think much of it, but just imagine: now you don't have to be sitting down at your computer in order to manage your Facebook ads. Suddenly you can now be waiting in the doctor's office or standing in line at the bank. For those of you always on the go, this is quite the update.

You can use this new feature to pause or resume a campaign. This is ideal if you want to temporarily stop your ads from being displayed to users but do not have access to a computer at the moment. This could for instance allow you to make a few improvements to your campaign before you decide to resume it.

We're not sure we can blame those sources. Ever since Facebook changed the way your ads and promoted posts become visible on their site, many people have reported that the effectiveness of their ads have dwindled. All while paying much more for the ads to begin with.

Marketing campaign managers should he happy to hear about the latest development, and the addition of a mobile interface to Facebook's Ad Manager. The ability to access all this functionality from their smart phones gives managers the ability to modify, pause, resume and re-budget a campaign on the go and avoid missing opportunities. The added freedom can lead to much more efficiently run and productive ad campaigns leading to more leads, likes, clicks and results.

The app also gives you the possibility to respond to alerts for your campaign. This new tool makes managing your campaign even easier than before since you can control your campaign and review insights while you are on the go. You should download the app and test these new features.

You can make changes to the budget you spend on your ads. You can also change the schedule for your ads. If you notice that a very small number of users are paying attention to your ads at a certain time of the day, change the schedule so that your ads are not displayed at this specific time. The app also gives you the possibility to respond to alerts. This is the ideal tool to manage your campaign while you are on the go. If you do not always have access to a computer, you should definitely download this app.

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