Made To Specification Is A Custom Kydex Holster

By Annabelle Holman

Different saws are used to cut the thick plastic material into precise measurements. A circular saw, band saw, and a router can assist with making perfect measurements. Other options to shape it is to bend, use break form, or cut with a laser. Added options for a custom Kydex Holster include using a hot stamp and perforation punches to add character or emblems. To keep the product safe from chemicals, adhesives and solvents are not used. An Ultrasonic spot weld and metal fasteners are rather used to link and create the holsters.

A Protective Holster is for concealing a lethal weapon. This protective armor casing is specifically made for a gun, a single or double magazine holder. The thick material can also be made into a knife sheath. The thick plastic protects the piece as well as the individual from wear and tear.

Optional holsters can be for dip cans and cell phones. Most conceal a dip can to hid a habit. Others like to protect an expensive piece of technology. The protective covering is least likely to allow moisture in.

The key to a perfect holster is the tight fit. The snug fit eliminates the possibility of loss and avoids breakage from a small fall. The least amount of gap between the product and the casing ensures it will not break free. Precise measurements are more plausible when the item that needs the case is mailed in and a mold is made.

Several options to choose from include a set of different colors. In choosing colors one must understand the inside color will not be visible by others. Either way, the colors chosen can be the same or different. The colors chosen can also be solid or camouflage, depending on the customer liking. The color of the edging and trim can also be the same, different, or two-toned.

The product is custom-made for specific locations. Locations are either on the belt of a pant or pant leg. Some individuals prefer to carry inside the waist pant rather than outside. Some people do not wear belts and choose a different location. While some have a preference, others use a sense of caution. Alternative locations for a holster is necessary to consider in the creation. One does not want to have or carry a large bulky item in an odd area, especially when trying to conceal the item.

Some added accessories change the look while others completely change the design. When making an order be sure to consider equipment enhancers and whether or not the design is going to change. The change in colors will not make a difference, however; adding eyelets and fasteners will make a difference. The addition of a thumb break, sweat guard and lights to a gun will completely alter the design.

Directional use also something to take into consideration. The owner needs to consider if he or she is left or right handed. Another option to consider is an ambidextrous custom kydex holster.

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