The Common Sense Alternative Media And Censorship

By Miranda Sweeney

When it comes to censorship, it can often be difficult to determine whether or not some programming is okay for children of a specific age. While there are often ratings on different games and movies, television shows have no such ratings. One reason groups like the Common Sense Alternative Media exist is to assure children are watching age appropriate television, playing and using age appropriate apps and games and watching age appropriate movies.

An organization whose mission is to educate, advocate and rate different types of media aimed at children, teens and young adults. The organization saves parents a lot of time by providing a number of editorials and reviews about different movies and shows on the website. There is also a blog on which parents and educators can communicate directly related to any issues going on at home or school that might be interfering with grades or learning as a whole.

A website provides a great wealth of information, including an "Editor's Pick" section. There is also a topics section which covers important topics of the day like "bullying, " and other issues. The section also host the information on privacy and social networking etiquette.

A Video section provides previews of first run movies and those yet to be released. There is also a section for reviews written by a variety of contributors. A parents and educator blog has put an end to the dreaded in-school parent teacher conference. Educators and parents can now discuss issues on the blog or video blog at times convenient for both parties.

The organization became well known after having been in the news related to the leak that Congress wanted to take over the internet. Whether true, or not, talking about government intentions in public with an individual or group is never a good idea. One reason this is the case is because there could be others listening to the conversation.

Censorship whether personal or provided by an organization is, has and always will be controversial. Parental control over children has always been the way of life when it comes to television. At least, up until the introduction of cable and satellite programming. At which time, the programming reached levels of maturity with images of sex and violence that could land a parent in jail by sheer accident.

When it comes to children, the overall health and well being of the children is what matters most. Parents are responsible for seeing to it that children when in mixed company are well behaved. After the age of twelve, it is often necessary to determine fault based on a review of the actions and people present at the time.

Most children who grow up in peace, love and harmony are going to grow up a peaceful loving adult. Children prone to behavioral issues, domestic or sexual abuse and other negative environmental aspects are more likely to grow up with issues. One reason it is important to understand the right methods or rewarding good behaviors while overlooking bad behaviors from an early age.

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