The Evolution Of The Dual USB Wall Charger

By Johny Jacson

With modernization comes great technological advancement. This is characterized by many inventions and innovations, devised by scientists trying to find ways to enrich the world's contemporary culture. Today, life is moving rapidly amidst the chaos around, and there is always a technological answer to solve any of the problems and dilemmas people face.

As a result, people turn to consult smart phones when asking for directions or finding the best coffee shop in the area, for example. People speak to their devices instead of other people. However one looks at it, electronic devices have definitely shaped the world's way of life.

Most students resort to using extension cords when charging their gadgets, but when big devices with big adaptors (like those for laptops) take up a lot of space, those extra outlets don't really help much. This is why space efficient devices, such as Vority's dual USB wall charger, would be a good investment for them.

Before the dual USB wall charger that made living trouble-free for people who are always on the go, there was only the simple battery charger. It works by providing a pulsed DC power source to the battery management system (BMS) of the device. The flow of current is continuous and non-adjustable according to the time of charge. It's so simple, that along with its inexpensive price, it takes a long time to charge a battery to avoid overcharging by any means.

It was typically annoying for the battery to charge for a long time, so developers have improved a similar simple charger that works faster. This often makes use of a cooling fan to keep the batteries under a safe temperature.

The Universal Serial Bus was then used for its five-volt power supply feature. This is where the dual USB wall charger was derived from, considering its potential to charge any kind of device just by connecting various USB decorations that follow gadget power discipline and design. Using just a USB cable, one can charge devices on a pay-per-charge kiosk that is available for a variety of mobile phones, digital audio players, and tablet computers.

That, too, was not enough for people who didn't have a USB-based charging kiosk in their own homes and offices, so gadget companies have accompanied their rapid mobile phone innovation with sophisticated accessories, including battery chargers.

Now, there are dual USB wall charger units being produced for fast and smart charging that doesn't require a great amount of time in charging. One magnificent product that features fast and easy charging is Vority DUO34AC dual USB wall charger that has two USB ports for mobile phone and tablet. It is a portable wall charger that not only saves space but also time.

These features are very good protection for the students' devices against overheating and overcharging. This allows them to concentrate on other problems, like studying or finishing their papers, rather than worrying if their gadgets are still okay. The charger is also made of fire proof and high temperature resistant materials to protect the users themselves.

Using a dual USB wall charger that is designed for fast-paced lives, people will never have to wait that long for their gadgets to recharge one at a time.

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