Vority DUO34AC USB Wall Charger At Amazon

By Johny Jacson

Amazon.com made available to the market Vority's dual USB wall charger. Although currently unavailable, those who were able to avail of this charger have high regards about this product.

This universal portable travel charger can be used by almost all gadgets out in the market. It only requires that one have the original USB connector of his or her gadget. This dual USB wall charger is compatible with any of Apple's products from its iPhones to iPods and iPads. It is also compatible with Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and Android phones.

Charging automatically stops when the battery is full, so this charger can save you the hassle of buying the battery of your phone due to overcharging. Aside from that, the risk of an accident due to forgotten plugged gadgets will be lessened with the Vority DUO34AC's over current, over voltage and short-circuit protection.

When Apple introduced their newest gadgets, the Ipad 4 and Ipad Air, a challenge was given to manufacturers of either single or dual USB wall chargers.

That being the case, one would not find it hard to which port is for what gadget. This ensures two gadgets (a combination of phones, tablets, ipads, ipod, MP3 and cameras) can be recharged at the same time. And since there is no power sharing, this makes sure that charging two gadgets would not take longer than usual.

There are also two USB sockets for two gadgets; this ensures that two gadgets can be recharged at the same time. Several tablets and smart phones require more amperes than usual. For example the iPad 4 and the iPad Air require 2.4 amperes, while the other tablets require 2.1 amperes only.

This charger is also equipped with over-current and short-circuit protection. This means that this dual USB wall charger will automatically stop charging once the battery is full. This helps protect the batteries from bloating, a sure sign that it can no longer function well. This charger is also made of high temperature resistant and fire-proof materials. This means that one can enjoy his or her games, music and videos while charging up and will not affect the temperature of the adapter and the phone.

Another thing that makes the Vority DUO34AC dual charger unique, is its ability to control the current coming in thus making sure that no gadget won't be overcharged. This charger has an over current, over voltage, short-circuit protection.

It can be connected to a 100-240 Volts AC. Once plugged in the LED indicator will light up, this is to confirm that the device is properly connected to the charger. Once the phone or tablet is fully charged, the LED light will turn off; this means the charger has automatically shut off.

Plus, it comes wit a two year warranty from Amazon to cover any factory defects (if any) of this dual USB wall charger. No wonder this item was selling like hotcakes.

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