Advertising And Bot Fraud To Be Investigated

By Jashua Moses

White Ops has been hired in order to target the major advertisers and see how they are going about their day-to-day practices. Are they only resorting to using bot fraud in order to get the attention of prospective customers? This is being done after a lot of claims are being made that the major advertisers are cutting corners and just using bot fraud to inflate numbers. White Ops is a renowned named in the advertising security world and will be using their research to put together a firm report by October.

The ANA has decided it is time to start looking into the top 30 advertisers and seeing what type of practices they are employing. They have put together a campaign that is going to be used in order to see what type of advertising is going on by these giants in the advertising world. Are they only using legitimate ways to advertise? Are they being fraudulent with their approaches?

The government has finally be prodded into doing a study and seeing how far the issue falls in order to get a read. This will help set the legislation to guard against bot fraud in the future. The goal is to put together legalities that are in sync with what is taking place in the world of advertising.

White Ops will be looking to get this report in as soon as possible and have already started working on putting together codes and tricks. They will want to have everything in line to make sure they are able to track all of the bots that are out there working on behalf of the major advertisers around the nation. The goal is to not only reduce the amount of bot fraud, but to essentially get rid of it and this is the first step in the process.

White Ops is an advertising security firm that has been hired by the ANA to take a look at the issue at hand. Is bot fraud a problem that is going to cause a lot of headaches or is it something that is more part of a scaremongering bunch who believe the advertisers are taking advantage of the system?

The White Ops campaign is going to bring forth a lot of answers as to how far the bot fraud problem goes and how it has to be tackled. Their recommendations are going to be used by the ANA to establish their next course of action against the top 30 advertisers.

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