Facebook Gains Ground With Its Purchase Of Liverail

By Faisal Rodgers

Facebook has just recently purchased LiveRail, the automated video platform that has helped such organizations such as A&E Networks, ABC, Major League Baseball, Gannet and Daily Motion serve up ads for their video platforms on their apps and sites.

To fix this problem, Facebook has decided to acquire LiveRail, a company known for displaying relevant ads, up to 7 billion every month. This acquisition is a profitable one for Facebook, and also one that will help provide a better user experience for people on Facebook looking at videos today.

LiveRail is one of the largest firms in the online video space, and this gives Facebook a real edge on quality and accurate video presentation capability for its ads. It is estimated that the price tag for Facebook in the acquisition is in the $400 to $500 million range.

If you would like to learn more about LiveRail and the Facebook acquisition of this company, you can find quite a bit of information on the web. It will be a very beneficial decision that will lead to high amounts of profitability for Facebook, and a better user experience for all of their members.

The biggest strength of the company is its bidding platform ecosystem which performs in real time as it selects the best priced ads for marketers from various inventories of different publishers. It also has a video inventory management system and a CheckPoint service that will block ads that are inappropriate. LiveRail is one of the faster growing companies in the field with a 300 percent growth over the past two years. The company is right on track to have over $200 million of gross revenue with a before tax gross earning well in excess of $30 million.

For premium publishers, they now have the opportunity to approach hundreds of millions of individuals that are more inclined to watch videos on the web. It will also add more relevancy to the ads that are displayed using LiveRail and its advanced technology. Internet marketers will definitely make more money as a result of this type of targeting, making the most of their advertising dollars. Any opportunity to display the ad on videos that are extremely relevant will be handled by the technology behind what LiveRail has to offer.

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