Discovering Las Vegas Convention Vendors

By Miranda Sweeney

A number of conferences, seminars and workshops take place in the city of Las Vegas. When one thinks of Las Vegas Convention Vendors, one does not often think of the vendors having a focused event. Depending on the length, style and type of conference, vending booths are often quite varied when it comes products and services.

One of the best and most fun of these conventions is that related to magic. Jeff McBride, well known magician and founder of the Magic and Mystery School often hosts a convention focused on beginning magic and emerging magicians each year. Vendors at this conference will no doubt be different than those set up at an electronics show though may have some of the same at a science fiction convention.

Before setting up a vending area, there are some things which are good to know. One is to be sure there is enough space for the booth, chairs, staff, standing room, visitors and product. People will not stop when feeling claustrophobic. Another, is to provide a pleasant greeting upon the initial approach into the area. Otherwise, individuals will simply walk by without stopping, or merely grab a few freebies along the way.

In large part, this is because of the association between fantasy and science fiction. Fantasy has a great deal related to sci-fi so if there are fantasy workshops at an event, chances are there are also science fiction fans. These fans often purchase goods and services from many different vendors. As a result, these vendors now know and understand what fans like and often stock booths accordingly.

Another is to use bright colors that draw people into the booth. Having product or services displayed on a table with decorations is also a good idea. When and where possible leaving candy or other items like free erasers, pens, pencils, business card magnets with the company name, address and phone number can often be beneficial.

Whether a large conference like the annual electronics showcase, or a small gathering like a poetry festival, it is often good to have vendors and vending tables. These tables are generally staffed either by group members or hired staff. It is important to consider this and other overhead cost when pricing materials for sale at the booth.

Some events are infamous for the parties surrounding the main events of the conference. These include LGBT oriented conferences, science fiction conventions and others. It is important that when attending these parties or other events that what "happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Confidentiality while not a given fact, is often a good rule of thumb when it comes to talking about private events. A rule that is especially true in LGBT circles in which some individuals may not even be out to parents much less colleagues, friends and co-workers.

Las Vegas provides a great backdrop for a circus, conference, festival, seminar, trade show or other event. Attendees have a variety of different types of entertainment at every corner. Multiple casinos, amusement parks, circus shows, magic shows, musical events and tourist attractions assure this is the case.

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